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A great campaign takes a village to be successful! That's why we need YOU and all the help we can get! There are so many ways you can get involved! You can even host a house party to get to know the candidate better (see below). If you're eager to lend a hand in the campaign fill out the form to the right! 



A House Party can be a rare opportunity for people to seek an honest and accurate understanding of the candidate. Perhaps the only thing worse than not voting at all is voting based upon an inaccurate perception of the candidate.


You can invite friends, neighbors, or colleagues to meet the candidate or discuss information on candidates prior to voting. House Parties don’t need to cost the host more than a bag of chips to pass around. Gatherings can be of any size, and they are a fun way to prepare to vote! Plan the party, let us know, and Clark will be there!






1.  Pick a Date and Invite the Candidate (708) 824-7473


Try to give yourself at least two weeks to plan and organize your party.


You might check your intended date with a few of the people you plan to invite to be sure it’s going to work for them before you get too far in your planning.


2.  Decide Where the Party will take Place and Whom to Invite


Where: Inviting people to your home is often a good option, but if you don’t have space to, consider co-hosting with a friend who does. 


How Many: After determining how much space you have, think about how many people to invite.  You want enough people to get the benefit of different views, but not so many that folks don’t have a chance to offer them.  That probably means in the range of 4 – 12. 


WhoSome House Parties are for friends whom all know each other, and in other cases, people invite people they don’t know but who, for example, live in their neighborhood, have kids at the same school, etc.  Do what you are comfortable with.  One thing to keep in mind as you make your list is that including people with a range of views will be more likely to challenge participants to think about issues in a new light.  If your list is longer than you have space for, consider having more than one party, or encourage others to host additional parties – this is a valuable and important civic service you are providing!


3.  Invite Your Guests


You can do this with a formal invitation, an email, or a phone call, but be sure to confirm whether they are coming!


4.  Prepare for the Party


In addition to deciding upon refreshments for your guests, you should get a copy of any information and topics you want to guests to cover while they are present.


5.  Double Checking Attendance


To avoid any surprises, you might contact your expected guests a few days before your Party Date to be sure they still plan to attend.


6.  Party Day!


The main thing to keep in mind for the Party itself is to know what topics you want to cover, allocate a certain amount of time to each, and watch the clock.  It’s very easy to lose track of the time when these discussions get going!  Additionally, you might approach the issues you intend to discuss in a systematic manner.  


Finally, you might ask people whether they have any questions about Voting Day, absentee ballots, etc. before they leave. 


Registration Reminder – if you have changed your address since the last election, you need to re-register to vote.  Know your registration deadlines or if you have same day registration.



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