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Fox 32 "Flannery Fired Up" Discussion on Pension Issue

Alderman Christopher J. Clark, Mike Flannery and Laurence Msall discuss Harvey's pension and financial crisis and the importance of goverment transparency.




  Having an open and Transparent Government is important because it holds public officials accountable. It also provides the public an opportunity to participate and offer suggestions for citywide issues.  


     For too long Harvey residents have been in the dark regarding city operations, finances, bill payment, city services, etc.  This resulted in a government where one hand didn't know what the other hand was doing. Harvey residents continued to pay the costs.




As Mayor, an open honest and professionally run administration employing Best Practices will be the first goal of the Clark administration in Harvey. Budgets will be posted online. Audits and financial reports will be done on time. Nepotism will be forbidden. The best-qualified men and women will be hired to run the city in the best interests of the people and businesses residing in Harvey. Bribes and kickbacks will be strictly prohibited and if discovered pursued prosecution.


Here are a few of the open government goals my administration will accomplish:


  • Create an all-purpose government website where residents and businesses can view the municipal code, conduct business, and get information online.

  • Appoint an Independent Inspector General with, council approval, to ensure compliance with department rules and the municipal code.

  • Appoint a qualified City Manager.

  • List salaries for all city positions of employment for public viewing at city hall and online.

  • Create a complaint and service hotline to assure residents' complaints and services are handled efficiently and professionally.

  • List all Elected City Officials including contact information, at city hall and online.

  • List all administrative employees, including contact information at city hall and online.

  • Post all board meetings, agendas and minutes online, and at city hall.  All information will be electronically archived;

  • Post all budgets online and at city hall.  Taxpayers can see the priorities and make comparisons to the performance of past years.  All information will be electronically archived.  

  • Establish an online public records search.

  • Post all government contracts online.  The public has a right to examine contracts and know who is doing business and what they are paid.

  • Post all building permits and zoning information online.

  • Establish online access to all financial reports so residents can determine if there is financial progress.  This provides residents a sense of the honesty about their government. All financial reports will be archived.





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