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Fox 32 "Flannery Fired Up" Discussion on Pension Issue

Alderman Christopher J. Clark, Mike Flannery and Laurence Msall discuss Harvey's pension and financial crisis and the importance of goverment transparency.




     With the highest tax rate in Cook County, Harvey residents should have the best streets, lights, sidewalks, curbs, sewer, garbage pickup etc., in Illinois.  A brief ride through Harvey will show this is not the case.  Potholes fill the streets.  Sidewalks are virtually non-existent.  Lighting is dim at best.       ​​​

     It is difficult to have pride in a community when the community does not look its best.  City services are key to a better community.




 As Mayor, I will restore pride in our city by providing better city services.  Here are a few of the city service goals my administration will accomplish:


  • Create and execute a plan with the Alderpersons to assess infrastructural needs (streets, lights, sidewalks, etc.) of each neighborhood.

  • Develop and institute a plan for improved water service:

    • recommend and seek Council approval to reduce water bills to previous rates; and

    • ensure consistent meter reading and billing system allowing residents to plan water payments.

  • Initiate a trash disposal and waste collection plan:

    • establish a recycling program to reduce costs;

    • negotiate better trash disposal rates;

    • start a pilot program of trash cans with RFID technology to track and recover stolen trash cans;

    • implement sidewalk trash can program to reduce daily litter;

    • clean all thoroughfares and city entryways; and  

    • work with EPA and other agencies to remove and prevent future illegal dumping.

  • Create a Rain Ready Steering Committee to address street and basement flooding.

  • Create and publish an online winter snow removal plan with routes.

  • Maintain vacant property overgrowth by working with the Cook County Sheriff and South Suburban Land Bank.

  • Establish and enforce a rental housing registry.

  • Examine and revise the housing codes. 

  • Develop and publish a summer city beautification plan.





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