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Fox 32 "Flannery Fired Up" Discussion on Pension Issue

Alderman Christopher J. Clark, Mike Flannery and Laurence Msall discuss Harvey's pension and financial crisis and the importance of goverment transparency.




Like a person's credit rating, the finances and credit of a city are important.  It allows a city to provide community basic services, infrastructure repairs, etc.  Interest rates are lower.  Future business investors are confident knowing a city is fiscally sound.       


     Harvey's finances need an "all-hands-on-deck" approach.  The mayor, city council, and management must communicate regularly to control spending while providing essential and basic services. Once resolved, future investment is possible.




 As Mayor, I understand that our progress is determined by our financial sustainability.  Harvey's finances are key to our prosperity and survival.  This is only a snapshot of what is needed immediately.  You are free to email me with any questions.


  • Develop a Balanced Budget with an interim analysis of departmental spending;

  • Ensure timely Financial Audits and Implementation of Audit Recommendations;

  • Ensure adequate funding for providing services needed by the community;

  • Re-enter the municipal bond market with the proper oversight and risk mechanisms in place;

  • Negotiate existing debt with all currently owed vendors to provide consistent debt payment;

  • Work with Harvey firefighter and pension boards to develop reasonable solutions regarding pension debt:

  • Protect the City Council’s policy-making ability by ensuring that important policy decisions are not dictated by financial problems or emergencies to prevent financial difficulties in the future;

  • Provide sound principles to guide the decisions of the City Council and management;

  • Employ revenue policies which prevent undue or unbalanced reliance on certain revenues, distribute the cost of municipal services fairly, and provide adequate funding to operate desired programs;

  • Provide essential public facilities and prevent deterioration of the City’s public facilities and infrastructure;

  • Protect and enhance the City’s credit rating and prevent a default on any municipal debt;

  • Create a document that staff and Council members can refer to during financial planning, budget preparation, and other financial management issues.





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